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Home » News & Blog » Dog survives after being impaled through heart

Dog survives after being impaled through heart

Adam Becker was outside with his four-year old dog last Monday when their routine game of catch quickly turned into a life and death situation.

Becker's German shorthaired pointer, Abby, was chasing a ball in the woods when she was impaled through the heart by a stick.

Abby's immediate cry for help led Becker to discover a 4-inch hole in her chest. Becker promptly wrapped Abby in his arms, and rushed her to the veterinarian as quick as he could.

When they arrived at the Animal Hospital in Fall City/Redmond, Becker thought the veterinarian staff would be able to stitch up her injuries relatively quickly. Little did he realize that the hospital didn't have the resources to perform the surgery.

"They pretty much said after a little bit that they weren't set up to take care of this procedure," Becker told MyNorthwest Weekend's Larry Rice.

Becker was told to send Abby to the Seattle Veterinary Specialists in Kirkland, where Dr. Kristin Kirby was to perform the extremely delicate and rare surgery. Though it took nearly four hours from the time her injury, Abby's life was saved.

"(It's) a huge relief," said Becker. "It's all we can really think about for the last couple days. You know this happened Monday night so after Thursday we were pretty confident that she was gonna be good but those first few days were really rough on us. We were both really upset."

The vets at Seattle Veterinary Specialists said Abby might be able to return home on Monday.

While Becker is relieved that his best friend was saved, the $15,000 cost of the surgery is more than he can handle.

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Published on May 23, 2011.

Home » News & Blog » Dog survives after being impaled through heart