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Mast Cell Study Participation Request

About the study: SVS is conducting a new prospective, double blinded, controlled study comparing how neoadjuvant prednisone affects mast cell tumor grade and mitotic index. We are looking for client owned animals with newly diagnosed mast cell tumors that would be interested in participating in the study.

Why are we choosing to compare biopsies?: Corticosteroids (prednisone) have often been used to decrease the size of mast cell tumors. Although this can be very effective, it is of concern because the use of preoperative corticosteroids may alter the grade of the tumor from a microscopic perspective, which could ultimately effect the ability of a veterinarian to determine accurate post operative recommendations and assumed prognosis. This type of study has not been performed previously and the information gained would help guide treatment recommendations for animals in the entire veterinary community.

Inclusion criteria: Pets may participate in this study if the tumor being analyzed is at least 1cm in diameter in the smallest orientation and clients are willing to commit to the entire study.

Exclusion criteria: Pets cannot participate in this study if it has had previous surgery for the tumor in question, the tumor is less than 1cm in diameter, is currently on steroid therapy, or is currently receiving chemotherapy.

How does the study work?: The study will be divided into two steps. One step will involve an incisional biopsy and the second step will involve the definitive excisional biopsy to remove the tumor. The animals in this study will be treated with the standard of care and will not be withheld of any treatments by participating in this study.

Incentive for participation: If your client’s pet is enrolled in the study, they will benefit in a few ways. The first stage of the study will be performed at no cost. In addition the cost of the consult and final biopsy will be credited back to your client once their pet’s participation is completed. Besides that financial incentive, the information gained from that diagnostic step will help guide the definitive treatment for the tumor. Stated another way, if the initial biopsy shows that the tumor is behaving aggressively based on biopsy, we would recommend a more extensive surgery in attempts to completely remove the tumor than if it were behaving less aggressively. Finally, participation from your client’s pet will benefit future animals based on the information gained from this study.

Contact/Enrollment: If you are interested in referring an animal to discuss this process, please contact Samantha Ervin (Surgery Referral Coordinator) or Dr. Stephen Stockdale 425.823.9111

MCT Study (1).pdf

Published on February 4, 2015.

Home » News & Blog » Mast Cell Study Participation Request