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Home » News & Blog » Rescued kitten gets second chance at life

Rescued kitten gets second chance at life

A kitten rescued from the wild has gotten a second chance at life. Paolo had a rare birth defect. His chest wall didn't completely develop. Rather than give up on the kitty, a rescue group opted for expensive surgery. Two days have passed since the surgery, and Paulo is expected to make a full recovery. "Oh, he's a very sweet loving kitty," said Marnie Annin, Paolo's foster mother. Paolo is one of a litter of four born in the wild. His siblings are healthy, but there was something wrong with Paolo. "With his condition, he would run around and play with them, but he couldn't. He would run and run, and run and pretty soon, he would be so out of breath," said Annin. Paolo's chest and ribs never fully developed to protect his heart and lungs. His chest wall was concave.  "And his heart was pushed way over to the side. He was having respiratory distress, and his heart was beating very, very quickly," said Marilyn Hendrickson of Meow Cats Rescue. Hendrickson and others at the rescue couldn't bear to put Paolo to sleep. So they opted for a $1,000 surgery to save the his life. Paolo is now recovering, and needs a home. The adoption fee is $95. Meow Cat Rescue is also looking for donations to help cover Paolo's medical costs.

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Published on December 12, 2010.

Home » News & Blog » Rescued kitten gets second chance at life