Emergency Pet Transport

Our fully-equipped pet transport vehicle may be of helpful service to you.  The SVS transport vehicle has monitoring and emergency treatment capabilities comparable to those in a veterinary clinic.  It may be staffed by a certified veterinary technician, as needed, who will be able to monitor and care for your sick or injured pet during transport:

  • Between an emergency clinic, your regular veterinarian and SVS
  • To post-op physical therapy appointments
  • For airport transport/pick-up.

Seattle Veterinary Specialists are committed to giving your beloved pet the best possible chance at a safe recovery. Once your primary doctor has stabilized your pet, as possible, our transport vehicle can continue that medical care, in route. If needed, and with planning, our medical transport vehicle is able to administer aid directly where your pet is at, or transport your loved one to our facility with all the support and equipment that it provides. Regardless as to the emergency that your pet is experiencing, you'll find Seattle Veterinary Specialists working hard to get your pet on the road back to recovery.

If you have questions or concerns about our this service, please dont hesitate to call Seattle Veterinary Specialists at any time and our helpful staff will make sure to help out any way we can.