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I had traveled out of state with my 2 1/2 yo Golden Retriever, Allie. We stayed on the beach, and she ate some foxtails. She likes grass, and I try to deter her at all costs. She had started coughing, choking like she was trying to cough up a hairball.  We took her first to a walk in vet clinic where the vet recommended that our dog have an endoscopy, to determine where exactly the foxtail was at. We were given a few different veterinary hospital choices. All the places were coming in with estimates of 800-1600 dollars for the endoscopy! We were shocked. We have a healthy active Golden, until this episode.  Due to our own people schedule, we weren't able to bring Allie in until two days later.

From the easy way to find this place, to ample parking, to the welcome mat thrown out for us and for our dog, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place.  We met with the Dr Matt Vaughan - a good vet - who thought once he moved from CA, he would not be seeing foxtails again.. to Linda who was in training... the front desk staff, all were wonderful.  The only draw back, was one gentleman, who was difficult to understand, and I didn't get his name, kept getting my answers wrong, he would repeat them back, and I would correct him. He raised my anxiety level and my frustration level that he couldn't get the answers correct. All that went away when we met with Dr Matt though.


We mentioned that while we wanted good care for our dog, we wanted to go in increments, if they could find the foxtails, removed them without going the really expensive route, with the rhino endoscopy, then please do it.   Allie had to be put under sedation, but I had trust in these people, and about 2 1/2 hours later, Allie was ready to be picked up, and lo and behold, the charge was less. That doesn't happen often, but they were able to find the foxtails, one behind each tonsil.. these insidious grasses don't break down, and stay in a pet's system.

All in all, this is a great place, comfy to wait, they will take care of you, and are understanding of a person's financial needs, all the while keeping your pet's health in mind.


- Kathymichelle

From likely paralysis to almost perfect I was sent here after my 6lb yorkie got attacked by another dog. He had deep puncture wounds and a broken back. From the moment I walked in I felt the difference. This place is better than hospitals I have been to for people. They were great about calling with updates (though I didnt leave for the first 2 days). It was amazing how sensitive they were. You can visit or call at any hour. He had his surgery and stayed for a few more days for recovery. Now, years later people comment all the time that he looks great and you can't even tell. I am grateful to SVP, they saved his life. I recommend them to anyone I know that has a pet. 

3 years after the above incident, my little guy landed in the hospital again. He is officially on his third life! Not sure how many dogs get, but if it wasn't for SVS he would not have seen his 10th birthday yesterday. I think the staff was even better this time. You can really tell that they care about you and your pet. They called me every morning and afternoon to give me an update and were always available to talk about his treatment. I spoke with someone at least twice a day to get an update and always felt like I was their only client. 

And Yes, its expensive, but worth it to me. Thanks again

- Stacy H.

We were referred to Dr. Sean Sanders by our regular vet for suspected herniated disk in our almost 13 year old Lab. His exam was thorough and he carefully ruled out cancer and other life threatening diseases before proceeding with recommendation of an MRI. The MRI showed a herniated disk towards the base of the spine which had caused our dog terrible pain to the point where he almost could not walk. Happily, this condition is fixable. Dr. Sanders has been doing this surgery for over 12 years. He radiates competency as well as genuine concern for our dog's best interests. His staff welcomed our visits (24 hours a day!) , answered our questions and gave us the peace of mind in knowing he was in excellent yet loving care for the 4 nights he spent there. This surgeon and his staff made our journey though our dog's spinal surgery bearable. Now, a week after the surgery, our dog is able to walk without support and he is not in any pain. We are looking forward to the coming summer of camping and swimming with our dog at our side.
- Sandra D.

My cat Spider had been vomiting and lethargic for a couple of weeks. The local vet hadn't been able to pin down what was going on. They kept putting him on IV fluids, running tests, doing x-rays, etc., and sending him home when he started eating again. 24 Hours later we were back because he'd stopped eating. We were draining our savings account and no closer to finding out what was going on than when we started. I decided it was time to get specialized help so I took Spider to SVS. What a great decision that was! They immediately did an ultrasound (which cost about $150 less than the local vet had quoted me) and discovered a foreign body. As soon as I authorized the surgery, they took him in. A few hours later they called me to tell me he was out of surgery and coming out of the anesthesia. No, it wasn't cheap, but I could have easily spent the same amount by continuing to take him to the local vet and getting no answers. The facilities at SVS are very impressive. The cat room was amazing. So calm and quiet, and the cage they put Spider in was huge. There was foam padding and blankets on the bottom to keep him comfortable. He's an easily stressed cat, so the put a sign on the door that said Quiet, scared kitty. When I went in to say goodbye to him, he looked very comfortable. Not an easy accomplishment for a nervous little guy in a strange place. They keep the room dimly lit and it made me want to take a nap! Everyone there was so kind and helpful. I've talked to them on the phone 3 times now and I've been impressed every time. Each time I talk to someone, whether it be on the phone or in person, they remind me that I can call any time, day or night. To address some of the negative comments on here: They will not do anything to your pet until you sign an estimate that lists both the low and high costs of the treatment. To rate them negatively for costs is unfair because you had to authorize the treatment and the costs before it was done. As for having to knock on the door for 5 minutes, there is a lighted doorbell right next to the door. There is a big sign on the door that says to ring the bell after hours. Yes, there is a flat screen TV. Expensive? Not really, it's not very big and it's a nice thing to have in the waiting room if you have long to wait and are worried about your pet. While their prices may seem high when you take your animal there, you can spend a lot more at a regular vet running less expensive tests and not getting any firm results. You're better off going to SVS and getting the appropriate tests done in the first place. Also, you are paying hospital prices vs. doctor prices. You go to SVS when you need a hospital. We wasted $2k at the local vet before going to SVS, which is where we should have gone in the beginning. There is a reason so many regular veterinarians recommend them for emergency situations. I do not live close to SVS, but unless I have to get my kitties to ER within minutes, this will be our new emergency (or specialist) vet. I can't imagine needing or wanting to go anyplace else!
- Janie M.

They are the best. Compassionate and caring and offer the highest standard of care to our beloved pets. Thanks to Dr Brooks and all the staff for looking after Gizmo last year, right to the end.
- Barbara F.

This veterinary clinic is the best - not only are they professional, they are all compassionate and caring. Dr. Mison saved our Sheltie along with his staff.
- Elizabeth G.

Thank you SVS! We brought our 4 month old puppy in yesterday after we discovered she got into poison. Your staff was so wonderful! In such a stressful situation I was so comforted that our girl was in good hands. We where able to bring Kona home after just a couple hours! Thank you so much!
- Chelsea D.

I can't say enough good things about SVS. About a year ago I had to take my dog Remy in on a weekend because he was vomiting blood. The staff was very friendly, professional and my dog received excellent care. I was encouraged to leave my dog overnight and I opted to. I probably could've taken care of him myself but I don't have the knowledge, medications, supplies, etc that might be needed if things were to take a turn for the worse. So I was paying for professionally trained staff to monitor him and treat him until he improved. To me, that's money well spent and I'm shocked that people are complaining that they were charged for things and nothing ended up being wrong or it wasn't as bad as expected. To me, that's a good thing because there are certainly times the worst case scenario is realized. A couple of weeks ago, Remy ran into our sliding glass door full tilt, hurt his back, and wasn't recovering as quickly as he should of. I took him to see Dr. Sanders and he was great. He did a thorough exam and discussed testing and treatment options from very conservative (less costly) and aggressive (more costly). We opted for an MRI and ultimately surgery for a herniated disc that was impacting Remy's spinal cord. Never did I feel pressured to go with the most aggressive treatment. I was however told the potential risks of taking the wait & see approach, because at that point, only an educated guess could be made as to what was wrong and whether or not it would get better or worse on its own. Remy had surgery on Thursday afternoon and came home on Saturday morning. We had the ability to visit whenever we wanted and when we did, we were able to sit in a private room and stay as long as we wanted. The nurse assigned to Remy was fantastic. She gave me phone updates and spent some time with us when I visited so she could get my thoughts on how he was acting since I know him best. When it came time to pick Remy up, we showed up with cupcakes as a thanks to the staff that had taken such wonderful care of Remy. Our bill was big, but less than originally quoted, and worth the money. I will add that we have pet insurance which is going to cover about 80% after the deductible and a few items not covered. Even without pet insurance, we would've gotten the money together some way. Anyone with pets should either put money in savings for an emergency, or invest in pet insurance. Pets get sick and get hurt. Trips to the hospital are expensive and you can't expect a business to give you free service because you don't have the money. The grocery store doesn't give you free groceries and the repair shop won't fix your car for free. I'm not sure why people think vet care should be free. Rate the treatment and service provided, not whether or not you could pay for it.
- Susan B.

Dr. Preston, along with his amazing and wonderful staff, saved our beloved golden retriever from a very serious infection. Each day we visited or called to check on our girl we were greeted with a positive attidude be everyone! Thank you will never be enough so we share our gratitude.
- Jill

I have had only positive experiences at SVS over the last few years.

I grew up on a farm and have had dogs in many capacities my entire life of 48 years thus far. I have had many dogs and have seen many vets through the journey. I cannot say enough GREAT things about this facility. I took my one year old dog here and my 14 year old therapy dog (both cattle dog rescues and both easily misunderstood by many as they are a strong willed stoic breed that doesn't show pain well). These vetrinarians and specialists listen and study your dog. They figure out what the problem is efficiently and quickly. They obviously understand the strong bond between humans and animals. They practice non defensively and do what is best for your dog and you as a team with your dog. I also find this to be more cost effective with my dogs than other routes when a specialist is needed. They do more and have state of the art equipment which means less invasive procedures. You get more for each dollar spent and most importantly they do what is in the dogs best interest regardless of whether they make a dime or not.
- Darcy K.

Our dog, Bridgette, was paralyzed from the neck back. She could only move her head. Our local vet recommended Seattle Veterinary Services. We took her there as soon as we could. We were treated okay that night but we had reservations. The next day we called and were told she might have her MRI today. Later we were called by Dr Sanders. He told us she had her MRI and she had a disc problem in her neck. He told us the chances of recovery was about 10% w/o surgery and about 90% with surgery and he told us we had to think about the procedure and let him know. We told him we did not need time to think about it, just do the surgery! (You have to understand, we love this dog). He said he would and let us know. Later, he called to tell us the surgery went well and she was groggy but waking up. We made a visit on Thursday and Friday. Each time the people there treated us with respect, humor and caring! We were told she would get better each day. We picked her up on Saturday and she is home and doing well. Was the treatment expensive? Somewhat. You cannot get good treatment without cost. It just doesn't happen. Did I get my money's worth? You bet I did! I would take her back, if needed, without hesitation. Thank you Seattle Veterinary Services for giving me back a pet that is not paralyzed!!!!
- Lee D.

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