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Cougar Mountain Zoo Receives Big Help from Local Animal Hospital

Cougar Mountain Zoo spays and neuters too! Issaquah, Washington July 5, 2013 - Cougar Mountain Zoo’s female cougar, Tika, was spayed last month using the most cutting edge equipment, thanks to Seattle Veterinary Specialists. Tika is one of three cougars at the zoo and is just... read more

Giant Kidney Worm - Bob

‘Monsters’ inside our dogs? Rare, but true! Bob, who is now a 2 year old lab, presented to Seattle Veterinary Specialists in 2015 as a transfer from his veterinarian at Redmond-Kirkland Animal Hospital for further work up of blood in his urine (hematuria) and the... read more

Hemangiosarcoma - Rugby

"Rugby" is a 10 year old Golden Retriever recently treated at Seattle Veterinary Specialists for right atrial hemangiosarcoma.  Hemangiosarcoma is a very aggressive, high-grade soft tissue sarcoma with the most common areas affected being the spleen and heart.  As a highly malignant cancer which... read more

Intervertebral Disk Disease

Oyster's Story (as told by her mom) The day of Oyster's injury was atypical in the sense that I had left her alone for a much longer stretch of time than usual.  Because I had been away from her for longer than normal, I was... read more

Musket: Pioneering non-surgical treatment of shoulder lameness

Musket is a 2 year old, active large breed male dog who presented to SVS with an 8 month history of left forelimb lameness. The lameness waxed and waned depending on his activity, but would never disappear entirely. There were some days that Musket... read more

Osteochrondroma - Ringo

“Ringo” a 6 month old Exotic Shorthair presented to SeattleVeterinary Specialists for inability to open his mouth and intermittent perfuse oral hemorrhage while eating. “Ringo” 6mo Exotic Shorthair “Ringo” is a 6 month old Exotic shorthair that was surrendered to a local veterinary clinic due to... read more

Seattle Veterinary Specialists’ doctors at work in the community

“Kalman,” a juvenile wolf from the Cougar Mountain Zoo, is recovering well after surgery to remove an undescended testicle last month. Surgeon, Dr. Kent Vince, and third-year surgery resident, Stephen Stockdale, performed the surgery laparoscopically in order to provide the most rapid and pain... read more

Tick Paralysis - Crispin

Crispin was evaluated in June 2015 for a several day history of ataxia (wobbly walking) and weakness. His signs progressed quickly to not being able to walk or move any of his limbs at all. Crispin was referred from his primary veterinarian in Yakima... read more

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