I didn't actually use any veterinary serves besides taking to someone on the phone past midnight but I was very impressed with the level of compassion the person on the line at the time, Christopher had for me. I felt very heard and comforted in a very stressful moment. I didn't feel rushed to get off the phone and didn't feel pressured or guilt tripped. It was very soothing. Thank you for being there.


Our dog, Dax, was facing a cancerous tumor in his paw and we were terrified. The entire team at Seattle Vet Specialists was compassionate, straight forward, and skilled. Dr. Choy presented the situation clearly and walked us through our options of treatment as we found out more about the tumor. Dax's front leg was amputated by Dr. Misseghers, who I am so grateful to. He did an amazing job and our dog was walking the very next day. Dax has adjusted well and while the cost was difficult for us to absorb, it was worth every penny to see our dog happy and running around. We could not be more thankful to Dr. Misseghers and everyone at SVS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


From likely paralysis to almost perfect I was sent here after my 6lb yorkie got attacked by another dog. He had deep puncture wounds and a broken back. From the moment I walked in I felt the difference. This place is better than hospitals I have been to for people. They were great about calling with updates (though I didnt leave for the first 2 days). It was amazing how sensitive they were. You can visit or call at any hour. He had his surgery and stayed for a few more days for recovery. Now, years later people comment all the time that he looks great and you can't even tell. I am grateful to SVP, they saved his life. I recommend them to anyone I know that has a pet.

3 years after the above incident, my little guy landed in the hospital again. He is officially on his third life! Not sure how many dogs get, but if it wasn't for SVS he would not have seen his 10th birthday yesterday. I think the staff was even better this time. You can really tell that they care about you and your pet. They called me every morning and afternoon to give me an update and were always available to talk about his treatment. I spoke with someone at least twice a day to get an update and always felt like I was their only client.

And Yes, its expensive, but worth it to me. Thanks again

Stacy H.

Last Thursday the most unthinkable thing happen. A family member accidentally dropped my 13 week old Boston Terrier puppy and broke his leg. He need surgery immediately. We are 70 miles from clinic so we were not able to come that day and they did not do surgery on Fridays. They called Jessica Leeman and she agreed to do the surgery anyway. When we got there we were so impressed with the clinic. It's was clean and they had free coffee. Jessica was amazing and her staff welcoming. She explained the whole procedure and seem to really care about my concerns as well as what was best for my dog. The surgery was a success and he is doing great. She even personally called me to ask how he was doing. Thank you so much for helping Capone and truly greatful!!


A huge THANK YOU to Dr James Perry for saving our dog Ben. Dr Perry performed a very dicey adrenalectomy with the removal of a tumor in the vena cava. The surgery was flawless and the recovery of our dog as well. We are so very thankful.


These amazing professionals have saved the lives of both our babies over the course of the last 5 years. They are understanding, compassionate & extremely good at what they do - everyone from the janitorial staff, to the front desk staff to the techs & doctors; they're all amazing!
Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of our little ones!


I had traveled out of state with my 2 1/2 yo Golden Retriever, Allie. We stayed on the beach, and she ate some foxtails. She likes grass, and I try to deter her at all costs. She had started coughing, choking like she was trying to cough up a hairball. We took her first to a walk in vet clinic where the vet recommended that our dog have an endoscopy, to determine where exactly the foxtail was at. We were given a few different veterinary hospital choices. All the places were coming in with estimates of 800-1600 dollars for the endoscopy! We were shocked. We have a healthy active Golden, until this episode. Due to our own people schedule, we weren't able to bring Allie in until two days later.

From the easy way to find this place, to ample parking, to the welcome mat thrown out for us and for our dog, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place. We met with the Dr Matt Vaughan - a good vet - who thought once he moved from CA, he would not be seeing foxtails again.. to Linda who was in training... the front desk staff, all were wonderful. The only draw back, was one gentleman, who was difficult to understand, and I didn't get his name, kept getting my answers wrong, he would repeat them back, and I would correct him. He raised my anxiety level and my frustration level that he couldn't get the answers correct. All that went away when we met with Dr Matt though.

We mentioned that while we wanted good care for our dog, we wanted to go in increments, if they could find the foxtails, removed them without going the really expensive route, with the rhino endoscopy, then please do it. Allie had to be put under sedation, but I had trust in these people, and about 2 1/2 hours later, Allie was ready to be picked up, and lo and behold, the charge was less. That doesn't happen often, but they were able to find the foxtails, one behind each tonsil.. these insidious grasses don't break down, and stay in a pet's system.

All in all, this is a great place, comfy to wait, they will take care of you, and are understanding of a person's financial needs, all the while keeping your pet's health in mind.

Kathy Michelle

My regular Vet recommended SVS because they couldn't get the grass stuck in my kitten Stella's' nose; they didn't have the right tools. Dr. Huang was so nice, she took the time to explain everything and after leaving Stella for the day, I came to pick her up that night and holy cow! A 6 inch piece of grass is what she got out; and saved it for me to see. Everyone was amazed at this size of this grass. No wonder she was so miserable. Everyone at SVS is so nice! Can't thank them enough.


I cannot say enough good things about SVS. We were out of town when for the weekend when our puppy jumped off the stairs and broke his elbow. Our vet called SVS Monday morning to explain the severity of the break and they got us in for surgery that afternoon with Dr. Engen. Our vet told us if we want the best, we needed to go there. Every person involved in our care was amazing. The vet tech Felicia put us at ease, explained everything thoroughly, and really listened to all of our concerns. Aside from a successful surgery, we were quoted a low cost of $3800 and a high cost of $4800, so our deposit was $3800. We anticipated paying more when we went to pick him up today and they told us it cost LESS than anticipated and we got a $600 refund! They helped bring a little bit of positivity to such a horrible situation.