Dillinger - PU/PD and incontinence

Written by Michael B. Mison, DVM, Diplomate ACVS

Dillinger 11yo MN Siberian Husky Presenting complaint: PU/PD and urinary incontinence History: 1-year history of slight incontinence. Over the past few months, the owner observed increased thirst and increased frequency of drinking. Consequently, he has been urinating more and appears to be more incontinent. Otherwise, there are no other clinical signs.

Medical history - 12/03:
Hpercalcemia = 12.5; USpG = 1.007
No previous surgery besides neuter Travel history
Texas and California Medications
Rimadyl PRN; Cephalexin for hot spots

Physical Exam
P.E.: BAR, vitals WNL, reluctant to allow palpation of the caudal abdomen, normal rectal exam.

Problem List
Intact PTH - 134.5 (20-130)
Ionized Calcium - 2.16 (1.24-1.43)
Calcium - 12.8 (8.9-11.4)

Published on December 11, 2007.