The Emergency and Critical Care departments of Seattle Veterinary Specialists are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of medical care for the benefit of our patients, their families, and veterinarians 24-hours a day. Our board-certified critical care and emergency specialists (Kirkland and Downtown Seattle), emergency doctors, licensed technician staff, and a dedicated group of veterinary assistants are all committed to helping people respectfully, compassionately, and enthusiastically. Our ER capabilities include emergency surgery, ventilator support, blood pressure, ECG and oxygenation monitoring, blood and blood product transfusions and the ability to run a variety of bloodwork in house. We have a pet transport vehicle to transfer your pet between your clinic and ours if necessary. Whether your needs are large or small, we are available 24 hours a day to help you. All of the emergency veterinarians at SVS have either completed a rigorous internship program, spent years working in emergency medicine or both. We practice collaborative medicine, bringing the expertise and skills of multiple specialties together to meet the needs of our patients. Our promise is to treat pets as if they were our own and our clients as if they were family and friends. We look forward to serving you and your clients.